yoga thursday

Love this Buddha head. If someone knows, please tell me who took this photo so I can give credit. It’s a beautiful photo.

Every Wednesday evening I go to an Ashtanga yoga class. I especially like this class as they have music. I also like it because it is especially challenging.

If I’m not challenged mentally or physically I get bored. you know…

Needless to say that after I get home from that class, I am tired. I mean TI – RED. But it’s a good tired. I feel refreshed and energized, and by the time class is over, I can almost totally fold in half into forward fold! It’s an amazing feeling, I love to hang on to it.

My favorite pose is triangle pose. Probably because I’m good at it, mostly because it’s a good stretch. It feels like such a relief, and release, in the side body. It’s one of those good feeling stretches, one of those can’t-wait-to-do-it stretches, kind of like I-could-sleep-in-this-stretch stretch. That probably sounds foreign to some people, as in yoga the only pose we think of sleeping in is savasana, but triangle pose just does it for me.

How about you? What poses just do it for you?


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